Choosing your wedding flowers

A guide to their seasonality, price guide and symbolism

As a rule of thumb, couples spend, on average £1,000 – £1,500 on wedding flowers for their celebrations.  This is around 10% of their wedding budget.  We are fortunate … we can get any flower, at any time of year, but at a price.  To help you decide what would suit your theme and budget, below is a quick guide to what flowers are more readily available during each season … and as well as a price guide (£-£££) and their symbolisms.

SPRING – March to May


Anemone – anticipation
Delicate papery flowers ££

Magnolia – nobility and dignity
Large white / pale pink flowers £££

Daffodil – new beginnings
Yellow / white bell-shaped bloom £

Hyacinth – loveliness
A bulbous flowering plant £

Muscari – mystery, calm and creativity
Commonly blue, urn shaped blooms similar to bluebells ££

Hydrangea – perseverance and heartfelt emotion
Big single heads in pale blue, pink or white ££

Ranunculus – radiant charm and attractiveness
Rose like blossoms with papery thin petals ££

Sunflower – dedicated love
Large daisy style yellow blooms with black centres ££

Sweet Peas – blissful peace and pleasure
Fragile scented flowers £

Baby’s breath / Gypsophila – festivity, pureness and innocence
Popular white flower filler £

Cherry Blossom – fragility of life
Tiny pink flowers £

Tulip – declaration of love
A Dutch classic £

Lavender – devotion and virtue
Beautiful scented tiny flowers £

Lily – modesty and virginity / passion
Large prominent flowers ££

Alstroemeria – prosperity, fortune and friendship
Smaller version of the lily £

SUMMER – June to August


Chrysanthemum – joy
Bright pom-pom flowers £

Clematis – ingenuity and mental beauty
Small simple flowers in many different varieties £

Gerbera – cheerfulness
Big bright daisy-like flowers £

Freesia – innocence and friendship
Beautiful scented florals £

Nigella – harmony and love
Also known as ‘Love in the Mist’ £

Peony – happy marriage
Big papery blooms £££

Sweet William – gallantry
A dense cluster of country flowers £

AUTUMN – September to November


Aster – love and daintiness
Daisy-like filler £

Craspedia – good health
Small ball flower ££

Dahlias – from the valley
A pretty pom-pom bloom ££

Gladiolus – remembrance
Traditional church flower £

Lisianthus – gratefulness and charisma
Opens out from pretty tightly-swirled buds ££

Nerine – freedom and good fortune
Clusters of pink flowers £

Poppy – pleasure / wealth and success
Perfect for a bold bride ££

WINTER – December to February


Amaryllis – pride
Large striking trumpet flowers £££

Calla Lily – regal
Traditional single trumpet bloom ££

Carnation – gratitude / pure love
Classic filler flower £

Iris – faith, valour and wisdom
Unique but short-lived flower ££

Orchid – refinement and charm
Striking brightly-coloured and exotic flowers £££

red – passionate love
pink – admiration
white – purity
orange – desire and enthusiasm
lavender – love at first sight
yellow – joy and friendship
A classic choice at any time of year £-£££

Holly – hope
Ivy – friendship and continuity
Winter favourites £

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