Choosing your wedding gifts wording

Wedding gifts will always be a tricky subject.  You will have an older generation who expect to buy you an ‘actual’ gift and those who feel asking for money is perhaps a little cheeky and can, on occasion, offend.  Here, we will hopefully iron out as many of your worries as we can.

wedding gifts
Add a gift card to your invites or a separate paragraph on your details card.
Gift Lists

If you decide to have a traditional gift list then there are many websites out there that will accommodate most couples ‘wish lists’.  Here are but a few …

Some of these sites also provide the opportunity for your guests to contribute cash towards honeymoons etc.  More on that later!

When compiling a gift list, it is worth bearing in mind that some of your guests may have limited budgets and may also have additional expenses such as overnight stays, childcare and travel costs.

It is generally accepted that each couple invited will expect to spend around £50-£75 on a gift.  Family members and very close friends will spend more.  When choosing items on your gift registry, it is worth remembering this!  The number of items on your registry is also important … for example … if you send out 50 invitations, make sure that there are at least 75 items on your list allowing your guests plenty of choice.  In addition, it is often worth stating to guests that you would be delighted to accept gift vouchers as an alternative to a physical present.


Nowadays, it is accepted that more and more couples have set up home and already have most of the things they need to fill it!  So, asking for ‘cash’ is a far more practical solution.  Guests do like to know what their hard-earnt cash will go towards so it is worth giving this a lot of thought.  Some of the sites above have provisions set up for guests to give money ‘virtually’ towards that special honeymoon or perhaps, renovations to your home.  This method is, on the whole, easier than guests bringing cash to the wedding but if you want, a posting box at your reception is suitable for cards with cash.

How to ask for cash

Simple one sentence or a poem is a possible way to ask your guests for money.  Here are a few that we picked …

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for.
However, if you wish to give a gift, we will be grateful for a small monetary donation towards our new future/house renovations/honeymoon/etc.

Your presence without presents
Is enough to make our day.
We haven’t made a wedding list
Of gifts, in any way.
Should you wish to give us cash,
We surely won’t say no,
So we can buy the things we like
To help create our home.

As our special day draws near,
we hope our sentiment is clear
Our dearest wish is that you’re there,
and in our happiness you’ll share
Your presence is what matters most,
not gadgets for our tea and toast.
But if a gift is on your mind,
A small contribution would be kind
We have a fund, please see below
Each welcome gift will help it grow.
So ‘Thank you’ is all that’s left to say
We’ll see you on our wedding day.

We do not have a gifting list
Our house is set with nothing missed
We’d like to go on honeymoon
A place for us as bride and groom
We’re asking for a cash donation
To send us to our dream location

No gifts

If you are in the position of not wanting gifts, an alternative to a gift list is suggesting that guests contribute to a charity that is important to you.  Many charities offer pins or favours that you can leave on your tables.

Social Gifting

Don’t want your guests to spend a penny? Check out Prezola’s new ‘Social Gifting’ experience where guests can sign up to promise to do something rather than buy something.

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