What do I put on my wedding information card?

Information cards are the most effective way of letting your wedding guests know where, what and how.  We will run through a few ideas to help you decide what can be included on your information card.


Obviously, the first and most important details are your wedding ceremony and reception addresses if this hasn’t been specified on your invitation.  Postcodes are essential!

Get there on time!

If you wish your guests to arrive and be seated by a certain time then this is the perfect opportunity.  So, if your start time is 2pm, then it is fine to ask guests to be in their seats by 1.30pm.  For example, you may wish to have photographs taken before the ceremony starts and don’t want guests wandering up to ‘chat’!

Dress Code

Wedding guests are normally happy to be guided as to what to wear.  A simple way of doing this is to indicate a dress code.  This could be Formal Wear (ie. black tie for the gentlemen / cocktail dress for the ladies); Smart Casual (suit and tie / smart dress); Casual Attire (just about anything goes!).  Some couples establish a dress code by stating ‘Gents – Suits / Ladies – Hats are encouraged!’  Guests then have a good idea what you expect.

Keeping your photos off the world wide web

Social media is now part of our everyday lives and your wedding is no exception.  You can, however, curb your guests’ enthusiasm to post photos of your wedding before you’ve even said your vows!  A straight forward request on your information card saying ‘We kindly request that guests post their photos to our wedding page on …….. (websites such as ‘www.weddingphotoswap.com) instead of Facebook – thank you in advance!’


Children at weddings can be absolutely wonderful or your worst nightmare!  If you choose not to invite guests’ kiddies then this is the place to mention it.  A short sentence such as ‘We are very sorry, but due to restrictions at our venue, we cannot accommodate children’ or ‘Due to safety reasons / limited space, we are unable to extend this invitation to children’.  Alternatively, a fun statement like ‘Although we do love all of your little cherubs, we would kindly request that our wedding remain adults only.  So, book a babysitter and dust off those dancing shoes!’ can explain your wishes without, hopefully, offending anyone.


Check with your ceremony / reception on the use of Confetti.  Most venues have quite strict rules on using only bio-degradable confetti, such as rose petals etc.  If you are not supplying confetti for your guests then let them know what to bring.

Final things you may want to include…
  • Time to leave!  Perfect wording would be ‘Carriages at midnight’ so your guests know when to book their taxis, for example.
  • Hotels and taxi companies.  A simple list of local accommodation and recommended taxi companies is always a big help if your venue doesn’t have enough available rooms.
  • Gifts.  This will be covered in our next blog!
  • Wedding website.  Again, we will cover this in more detail in the very near future.
  • Events, before and after.  This is for those of you who have guests coming from afar and plan to stay for a few days.  So, you may have planned a welcome meal at a nearby restaurant the day before, or perhaps a post wedding ‘brunch’ the day after.

Lastly, this is your big day … the more informed your guests are, the more relaxed they will be and ultimately, so will you!

What should I include on my wedding information card
What should I include on my wedding information card?

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